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In today’s competitive business environment, business organizations must consider using software to make their companies run efficiently and effectively. We at Inflash provide software development service that allows your company to maintain and improve its competitive edge. Through our services, your company can substantially reduce the cost of many business processes and can even lower the cost of your suppliers. We provide you with the ability to differentiate your products and services, allowing you to stand out from your competition. Other advantages that your organization stands to gain in partnering with us are:

  • We provide innovation. With many industries such as pharmaceuticals, insurance, banking, retail, and construction, information technology serves as an opportunity for a company to execute a strategy that can shape their company’s business model for more growth. Through our services, your company is able to provide customers with a unique experience through your products and services. By providing efficiency on many of your company functions, we allow you to focus more on important business functions such as sales, marketing, and management.
  • We allow you to focus on what you do best. By allowing us to handle your software development, you can simply focus on what you do best. You also do not deal with the headaches of recruitment, operation, office facilities, etc., as you can just focus on reports and deliverables.
  • Your organization gains a competitive advantage. We develop while you sleep, we support while you work. We can work on critical task and deliver in the next morning. Additionally, our support team is available during normal US working hours.
  • Hybrid Onsite/offshore outsourcing model. Inflash proven outsourcing model combines local management/support team and offshore development teams. A project manager and support team are always available in your time zone for real-time support and communication.
  • Low cost. No upfront capital investment. A reduction of more than 75% in development cost.
  • High quality. We ensure that all our projects are delivered on time and on budget, and meet the highest quality standard.
  • Fast turnaround time.  Inflash offers quick turnover time by taking advantage of the time difference (about 10 hours) between the United States and Nepal. When the US client sends a task in the evening, it is morning in Kathmandu. The offshore team in Kathmandu can work on the project during the US night hours and make the project available by the morning in the US.
  • Resources. We have a dedicated infrastructure with the best talents. We also have a State-of-the-art IT infrastructure that is capable of almost anything.
  • Real-time progress report. Clients can obtain all the project-related information in real time, including project progress, status and daily reports using our web based Task Tracking system.
  • We will handle all of your technologies. Here at Inflash, we have the experience and technical know-how to advise all our clients how to optimize their current information technology. We also plan for the future by researching on all technological advancements. This allows us to provide recommendations on all future Information Technology that will be ideal to your organization. We will also be in charge of procuring all updated software and hardware necessary for those changes.
  • We offer our services for highly affordable rates. When you partner with us, your company will have a dedicated IT department ready to handle all possible new technology. Working with us gives you access to a full team of IT experts at a flat rate. This means a substantial of cost savings for your organization. It also means that your business will have the necessary technological systems to prevent problems before they occur. In addition, we have numerous established relationships with multiple technology vendors and distributors. These relationships with vendors allow your organization to get the best possible prices for the technology required in your information technology system.
  • We eliminate downtime for your business. When companies use inadequate information technology providers, they often experience glitches and problems that leave their company unable to operate. This often leaves employees unable to do their jobs properly, which result in substantial losses in revenue. With our full range of services that include Web Development, Business Analysis, Project Management, and Software Development to name a few, your entire company structure will run smoothly and most importantly efficiently.
  • We provide backup and recovery strategies. With information technology, there are constant threats that could compromise your systems. Here at Inflash, we provide backup and recovery strategies that will make sure that the critical data for your business are programmed to operate through many worst case scenarios brought about by unforeseen circumstances.
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