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Inflash provides complete and formidable software development services that are critical to the success of your company.

With our software development services, every individual in your organization will be able to produce more efficiently than ever before. It will also greatly benefit your employees by easing their entire workload, therefore, minimizing attrition and maximizing opportunity for them to brainstorm new and exciting ideas. Additionally, software development is critical to the success of a company because it aids employees in dealing with the most tedious tasks that they must do on a daily basis. We at Inflash provide your company with high-quality, low-cost, software development services on-time geared at enabling you to reach your full potential.

What We Provide

Since the establishment of Inflash in 2004,
we have aided more than 100 clients gain a competitive advantage
in their respective industries by designing custom business integrated solutions based on their needs.
We provide numerous services such as:

How We Provide

It has been estimated that one-third of software development projects fail because of cost, quality, project management, communication and deadline.

Your development cost will be reduced by 75%. You can be assured your project will never fail because of cost overruns.
We speak with our work and our work represents us. We understand it is hard to regain customer’s trust in the system after we lose credibility because of poor quality. So quality software testing never ends for us.
Our project management team is full of highly experienced individuals skilled at overseeing all technical specifications that your business requires. Our team members will regularly communicate all progress with you to ensure that all your business requirements are met before delivery.
We speak your language. We have the necessary experience to understand the processes and activities that create a valuable flow for you and your customers.
We understand the importance of meeting deadline. We promise what we can deliver and we deliver what we promised.