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Cost effective offshore development with hassle-free US-based project management.

Since 2005, Inflash has helped dozens of clients successfully enhance, fix or create critical business applications.

For companies using custom web-based applications, Inflash cost-effectively integrates or converts to iOS or Android mobile platforms.

Recognizing the common challenges of working with outsourcing providers, Inflash has US-based project management to ensure quality and responsiveness that complements its competitively priced offshore developers.

What We Provide

Low cost and low aggravation

You don’t always get what you pay for. In too many outsource cases, the development rate is low but the aggravation factor is extremely high – and it winds up costing you time and subsequently much more money than you hoped to save.

Not so with Inflash.

We bring low cost, high quality development together with high touch, low aggravation project management.

We provide numerous services such as:

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How We Work

We refuse to be one of those outsource providers that overpromises and underdelivers.

Our clients typically save up to 75% having us do development for them. For every project, we give you a fixed price proposal so you will never experience cost overrun or surprises. Our proposals include a Project Summary outlining the project scope and cost. Even if you don’t decide to work with Inflash, the document will be very helpful to your IT planning.
We built our business on long term relationships and we clearly understand that trust isn’t recoverable if we ever deliver poor quality. We make testing a priority and the project isn’t done until our clients agree.
Our project management team is comprised of highly experienced individuals. Your assigned project manager will communicate with you at least once per week to ensure project status is clear and all questions are resolved.
We not only will speak fluid English to you in a US timezone, we know technology and system architecture. We aim to be an extended part of your IT team, not just a remote group of foreign developers.
Deadlines aren’t just dates. We recognize they support business plans and careers. We take them seriously and deliver on them consistently.